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Your Key To Osaka: Diverse, Delicious, Historic and Romantic

Osaka, City of Diversity - One of the things that makes Osaka so special is the diversity of sights and experiences that the city has to offer.  In addition to the well-known fact that Osaka is a shopping mecca, many people may not be aware that it is also the home to the very first Japanese Buddhist temple, as well as the birthplace of instant cup noodle soup, Bunraku puppet theater (a UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage) and Shabu-Shabu, the popular Japanese hotpot dish. Well known household brands such as Panasonic, Mizuno and Suntory were all established in Osaka. 

Osaka was once called the “Pantry of the Country” for it served as a distribution hub for food products across the country due to its ideal location in close proximity to the seafood heaven of Seto Inland Sea.

Delicious Osaka

Interested in unique food culture?  Then a visit to the Koromon Market is a must where energetic vendors peddles their products and the locals bargain for a delicious deal.  Should you feel adventure, why not try the poisonous blow fish dishes?  And no need to worry. Only a certified chef is licensed to cook the fish.  All you need to do is enjoy his skillful preparation. 

Wander down to Sennichimae Doguyasuji where you will feast your eyes on hundreds of different kinds of Japanese kitchenware, dishes, chopsticks, cutleries and even plastic food samples.

Okonomiyaki (savory pancakes) and Kushikatsu (deep fried meat skewers) are the most popular typical Osaka dishes.  However, should you wish to enjoy a most authentic local experience, you must try the Kappo style cuisine prepared by an Osaka Chef.  Your meal will be an amazing creation of human effort and seasonal ingredients.  The simple yet rich flavors of the dishes served in an exclusive and comfortable surrounding will show you the true spirit of Japanese cuisines.  My recommendations are: Matsumoto Eiraku and Osakaryori Asai. 

Historical Osaka

Built in 593 by Prince Shotoku to pray for the peace of the people, the Shitennoji Temple, is one of Japan’s oldest temples.  Influenced by the Chinese architectural style, the Shitennoji Temple consists of a central gate, a five story pagoda tower, the main hall (Kondo) and the Kodo lecture hall, constructed in a line from north to south.  Fascinating legends have been passed down through the generations highlighting the mythical properties of this Temple – for example, the dragon that appears in the bottomless well, or the heavenly gate where you can hear the voices of your ancestors when you put your ear to its pillars, and so on.  A visit to the Shitennoji Temple will surely provide you many great stories to tell upon your return home.

Romantic Osaka

If you’re not a local, you may not notice how romantic Osaka can be, especially in the Nakanoshima area.  There are many rivers, each with its own distinct atmosphere.  Every year, the cherry blossoms and the rose gardens will delight you in their respective seasons.  The wonderful River Festival will offer you the opportunity to wear a yukata (casual summer kimono) and take a stroll after dark when the bridges are colorfully lit.

Meet the Author
Asako Onoyama

I was born in Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, located just thirty minutes by train from Osaka.

Prior to becoming a concierge, (which I believe I am destined to do for the rest of my life), I had worked in an office, a theatre, a restaurant and at the Kyoto Train Station assisting travelers - all of these work experiences was great training for me in honing my skills as a concierge. I started my hospitality career at ANA InterContinental Tokyo and after seven years, I moved to Osaka and joined the opening team of the beautiful InterContinental Osaka. Since 2013, I have been a member of Les Clefs d’Or. It may not seem a very long time, but I believe my passion and enthusiasm equals that of many of my senior Les Clefs d’Or colleagues. I see the hotel as a microcosm of life itself: you wake up, meet people, laugh, eat, explore, accomplish and dream. I love to watch guests enjoy their time at the hotel and treasure the moments that I interact with them to ensure their stay is memorable. It makes my own life interesting, every day.

InterContinental Osaka

Located in the heart of this vibrant city, InterContinental Osaka Hotel provides easy access to everywhere within the city limits or nearby municipalities. The hotel’s sophisticated and artistic ambiance attract guests and visitors alike. With rooms that are stylish and luxurious, it’s not surprising that some of our guests have stayed for years! Pierre, our Michelin-starred signature restaurant, promises an unforgettable experience. Enjoy lively all-day dining at NOKA where a locally inspired open-concept grill brings the excitement of our chef-driven menu and tantalizing aromas to your dining experience. Pamper yourself at our spa with a beautiful Japanese bath, fitness center and indoor pool. My favorite spot in the hotel is the lobby on the 20th floor where from the glassed wall behind the reception desk, I can enjoy the changing colours of the four seasons. I am so fortunate to work in such a beautiful property and able to share these experiences with our guests.

If you wish to enjoy these moments with me, please contact my hotel directly.



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