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Your Key To Delhi, India’s Pride!

Delhi is a beautiful blend of historical past and vibrant present.  While Delhi may seem chaotic and frenzied on first sight, but I can assure you that you will also find peace and tranquility here at the same time. The vastness and complexity of what this beautiful city offers cannot be summed up with mere words.

As the capital city and the seat of the three branches of Indian government, Delhi is also the centre for major media channels, top notch universities, sky-soaring industries, abundant shopping malls, religious shrines, sumptuous street food, efficient public transportation system and much more.

Delhi has two faces: You can splurge in the stylish neighbourhood of Lutyen where some of the world’s most expensive brands can be found in renowned buildings; or wander the narrow streets in historical Old Delhi where you will come across merchants pulling sacks of spices and jewellers weighing gold on dusty scales.  Whether you are a budget traveler or a luxury seeker, this city offers you the best without having to compromise.

Since its founding, Delhi has been a major political and commercial centre in India. From the Sultanate era to the Mughal reign and through the colonial rule, numerous architectural masterpieces have been constructed in this city, such as the Red Fort, Lotus Temple, Lodhi Gardens, India Gate and Akshardham Temple.  As well, Delhi houses a number of museums including the Rajghat National Gallery of Modern Art and many other tourist attractions

Delhi is a fusion of ancient customs and modern lifestyles. Amidst the traditional melodies, you can also hear the techno tracks and DJ beats of the discotheques and pubs. To truly experience the diversity of India’s capital city, the fast and efficient Delhi Metro is a great (and cheap) way to get around. 

There is no “typical” cuisine for Delhi as it is settled by people from all over India, each bringing their regional specialties and cooking styles. The residents of Delhi are hospitable, cheerful and multi-cultural.

In summary, Delhi is a dream destination for history and architecture lovers. No matter when you are visiting, a tour of Delhi will leave you hypnotised with its charm that is beyond any match.

Meet the Author
Albert John

Albert John is an accomplished hospitality industry professional with almost 18 year experience in his field and is a well-respected Concierge in the country. Prior to The Imperial Hotel, New Delhi, he has worked for Taj Palace Hotel, Bristol Hotel, Grand New Delhi and Taj Mahal Hotel. He have a record of excellence as Head Concierge devising and implementing productivity that contribute to positive results in organizations and been a core member of board of Les Clefs d’Or India. On numerous occasions, he has been recognized for excellent services extended to guests. He have Won “Concierge of the year award” in 2006 while working for Taj Hotels.

Born and raised in New Delhi, has added advantage to as a concierge. As a Head concierge has bagged appreciation from our guests time and again. He has been on board of executive committee of Les Clefs d’Or India since its initial years 2005-06. As a passionate Concierge, he has been visiting hotel institutes delivering lectures and conducting seminars on Concierge as a profession and art of Concierge.

A strong network of Concierges in Indian enables to deliver best hospitality to our common guests exploring our incredible India “Atithi devo bhava”. Come and explore Indian hospitality.

The Imperial, New Delhi


An icon and the most distinguished address in the heart of the capital, The Imperial, New Delhi is reminiscent of the halcyon days of the Raj. A luxury hotel with an awe-inspiring heritage interwoven in colonial elegance delivering a modern day old world magnificence.

The beautiful 1911 Restaurant, the classic Daniell’s Tavern, the award winning Tea Lounge and the popular San Gimignano are a few of the many restaurants that visitors may enjoy while staying at The Imperial New Delhi.

Our 235 rooms and suites overlook lush, verdant gardens offering discreet luxury, serenity and total privacy. For the single lady travellers, the Eliza rooms are designed for complete security while providing a home away from home to lady guests.

One Imperial Place – first stand alone business centre in the city amidst the luxury of the hotel’s five-star ambience, has re-defined Luxury business meeting facility in Imperial, New Delhi. One of the largest spas in India, the Imperial Spa offers services for guests only and the Imperial Salon offers services to non-guests. The indelible Imperial Experience is geared towards making your visit simply perfect in every possible way. The Imperial is, in itself, a Destination!

Re-defining luxury business meeting facility, the One Imperial Place is the first stand-alone five start business centre in the city. One of the largest spas in India, the Imperial Spa offers services for guests only and the Imperial Salon has become a destination for celebrities, beauty experts and discerning consumers who demand the very best.

The indelible Imperial Experience is geared towards making your visit simply perfect in every possible way. The Imperial is, in itself, a Destination!




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