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Les Clefs D'Or

Your Key To The City That Lies On Two Continents, Istanbul

“If the world was only one country, Istanbul would be its capital.” Napoléon Bonaparte (1769-1821)

Istanbul, the UNIQUE city that straddles two continents: Asia and Europe.  For thousands of years, Istanbul has been the symbol of greatness, magnificence, royalty, glory and elegance – a city with a fairy tale past.  Today, Istanbul is one of the world’s most fascinating, exciting and attractive cities, offering a thrilling experience with its breathtaking natural beauty, rich historical and cultural heritage, luxurious accommodation facilities and the variety of social activities.

Throughout its two-millennium old history, Istanbul was the capital of three empires: Roman, Byzantium and the Ottoman.  Constantly on the move and thrillingly hip, Istanbul is also one of the most exciting metropolitan areas in the world.  As the economic and financial heart of Turkey and the biggest producer and importer of art, culture and entertainment, Istanbul amazingly keeps expanding.

Istanbul is an open-air museum with its marvellous historical buildings, including magnificent imperial and summer palaces, mansions, pavilions, kiosks, fountains, mosques, churches, synagogues, fortresses, towers and hammams.  In addition, you will also find numerous modern art galleries, museums, exhibitions, festivals and special events throughout the city.  Many beautiful natural scenic spots such us the Bosphorus, forests, parks and islands are worth visiting.  Istanbul also has many fashionable and trendy districts – Along the shores of the Bosphorus and throughout the city, there are many cafés, bars, restaurants and nightclubs to enjoy delicious meals and have a great time.  In addition to modern luxury shopping malls, you will also discover high-end residential and shopping districts of Nişantaşı and Bebek; alternatively, the Beyoğlu or Cihangir neighbourhoods which caters to more local and bohemian tastes.  A great way to take in some unforgettable views of the city and to see the Ottoman architecture up close is to experience the Bosphorus boat cruise.

To see the city from a bird’s eye view in style, I would highly recommend taking a helicopter tour over the Bosphorus shores at Ciragan Palace Kempinski (the only hotel in Istanbul accessible by limousine, yacht or helicopter).  Only minutes from your hotel room, you will be able to witness the beauty of Istanbul from the air.  You will be amazed by the beauty of the Magical Golden Horn, Great Historical Peninsula, both European and Anatolian sides of the gorgeous Bosphorus, as well as the marvellous Islands.  I guarantee you will fall in love with this city at first sight.

It is difficult to encapsulate the essence of Istanbul in a few words.  Perhaps, those magical words have yet to be heard.  Until then, you must come and experience this breathtaking city for yourself!

In the evening, those wishing to taste traditional Ottoman and Turkish delights in one of the utmost luxurious and authentic restaurants, I highly recommend the legendary Tuğra located in the historic Ciragan Palace that once housed the Ottoman sultans.  With incredible views of the Bosphorus, Tuğra Restaurant, without doubt, features one of the most enchanting locations in the world.

One cup of Turkish coffee with Turkish delight would be a perfect pairing to end this evening’s feast.  Don’t forget, the best table in the house will be my guarantee to you!

Meet the Author
Baris Oguzbas

After graduating from a tourism and hotel management school in 1993, I started my hospitality career as a Bellboy at the most authentic and historical Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul just three years after the opening of this marvellous palace. Between 1998 and 2008, I took on the position of the Palace Butler, and eventually became the Palace Head Butler. During that time, I had the privilege of welcoming many royal families, international celebrities, governmental dignitaries and the special guests. As I became more aware of my growing curiosity about the city, life and culture around me, I have found my calling and joined the Concierge Department in 2008. I enjoy recommending the best of dining, shopping, cultural activities, city tours as well as organising absolutely everything that a guest might need during their stay. Be it a last-minute table booking at a popular restaurant or a ticket to a concert, a private city tour or shopping tour, a limo, boat or helicopter transfers, with our strong local and international network, my team have I have the key to many doors in the charming city of Istanbul. In 2009, I became a proud member of the Turkish section of the U.I.C.H., the International Union of Hotel Concierges Les Clefs d’Or. For me, Concierge is not a job but a lifestyle. I simply love scouting every corner of the city and learning everything about it. My job is my passion and it is my privilege to ensure that all our guests feel they are the most important person in the world in this authentic Ottoman Palace. I love my city, my hotel and my work – even after more than twenty-five years at the Ciragan Palace Kempinski Hotel, I can still feel succinctly the enthusiasm I felt on my very first day!

Ciragan Palace Kempinski Istanbul

Welcome to the only Ottoman Imperial Palace and Hotel on the Bosphorus. Çırağan Palace Kempinski offers a resort ambience in the city and reflects the ultimate luxury of a genuine Ottoman Palace. With a total of 310 rooms, including 279 rooms and 20 suites in the main hotel section and 11 suites in the imperial palace section the hotel’s restaurants & bars, offer a blissful culinary experience. Çırağan Palace Kempinski Istanbul is regarded as the city’s most distinguished high profile meetings & congresses for private companies, or extravagant weddings & social events that create memories to remember for a lifetime experience.


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