Les Clefs D'Or
Les Clefs D'Or

Your Key To London Great Britain – 2023 Les Clefs d’Or Award Nominee

Though spoiled for choice when it comes to selecting my favourite area of London, I have to ‎say that the East End, specifically Whitechapel and Brick Lane, takes the crown for me! ‎

From Dickensian beginnings – where its squalid warrens of narrow dimly-lit streets fell foul ‎to poverty and overcrowding, to the infamous Jack the Ripper, Kray Twins and the Elephant ‎Man, the East End has always played a compelling part in London’s fascinating history. A ‎short stop to examine the interiors of The Ten Bells or the Blind Beggar, two of the area’s ‎most infamous pubs, instantly immerses you into Whitechapel’s murky and villainous past. ‎Be prepared for bullet holes, ghost stories and a good ol’ fashioned British pint.‎

Fast-forwarding to the modern day, Whitechapel is a melting pot of Jewish and Bangladeshi ‎communities, Hipsters, Cockneys and folk from all over the Commonwealth. In fact, the ‎deep sonorous calls to prayer that erupt from the East London Mosque every day has come ‎to define Whitechapel’s multicultural present. This multiculturalism is reflected in East ‎London’s vast array of culinary delights. Brick Lane is home to some of London’s most ‎revered curry houses, whilst you can also find delectable kosher bagels, Neapolitan pizza ‎and East London’s famous pickles in Spitalfields market. Here lies a taste to excite every ‎tongue!‎

Whitechapel’s rich culture extends beyond its digestibles – as you stroll the streets of this ‎enriching neighbourhood you will pass one of London’s most prized and intimate art ‎galleries that once housed some of Picasso’s early work. From an old master to modern day ‎ones – witness an explosion of spray-painted colour as we explore alleys and annexes – the ‎work of artists such as Banksy, D*Face and many more await you. Keep going and you will ‎come across quaint microbreweries, dope hipster coffee hangouts and an abundance of ‎trendy vintage clothes shops – there is no end to what you can discover in this slick and ‎effervescent corner of London.‎

Sahil is a candidate for the 2023 Les Clefs d’Or Award. This article has been published in its original form.

Meet the Author
Sahil Suri

I have been a member of the Society of Golden Keys of Great Britain since 2018, and have ‎been working as a concierge in London for over ten years and more recently as Assistant ‎Head Concierge at The Berkeley. Delivering an exceptional guest experience is incredibly ‎important to me, as are developing the relationships that I have within my industry and ‎workplace. My role is to provide solutions and ideas, to be creative as well as ‎knowledgeable. ‎ Creating the perfect stay for a guest, whether it’s recommending the latest restaurants, or ‎securing much coveted tickets to an event in London, makes guests feel looked after and ‎incredibly special. It also doesn’t stop at the guest, as a good concierge you also need to ‎mentor others and share your knowledge, whilst also going above and beyond your everyday ‎duties and be a true team player. ‎ I mentor and train newer team members by guiding and teaching on how to develop into ‎thoughtful, well rounded Concierge’s. Coming up with new ways of working or ideas comes ‎naturally to me and I am always willing to share this across the team if it works well – I ‎really do love my job!‎

The Berkeley Hotel

Nestled between bustling Knightsbridge and leafy Belgravia, The Berkeley is the essence of ‎contemporary chic and innovative luxury. Stunning rooms, suites and penthouses are ‎created by an eclectic curation of interior designers from Andre Fu to John Heah, and guests ‎are invited to swim in the hotel’s rooftop pool with jaw dropping Hyde Park views. Michelin-‎starred cuisine is courtesy of Marcus Wareing, whilst the hotel’s Prêt-à-Portea is a much ‎loved fashion-themed afternoon tea, a true signature of The Berkeley. Cedric Grolet at The ‎Berkeley opened in 2022, seeing one of the world’s most famous pastry chefs open his first ‎patisserie outside of Paris at the hotel. The iconic Blue Bar – designed by the legendary ‎late David Collins - spearheaded the hotel bar drinking movement, whilst The Berkeley Bar ‎& Terrace is a must visit for classic cocktails and exemplary champagnes, spirits and wines. ‎The Bamford Wellness Spa allows guests and visitors to unwind with a whole host of rotating ‎residencies from the best in the wellness world. And finally, The Berkeley – with innovation ‎and creative thinking at its core – presents a new alfresco dining pop up every six months to ‎surprise and enchant locals, Londoners, guests and more. Currently, this spot is a pop up ‎pub complete with bar, beer taps, pies of the day and dart board!‎


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