Les Clefs D'Or
Les Clefs D'Or

Your Key To Copenhagen Denmark – 2023 Les Clefs d’Or Award Nominee

Frederiksberg is a city surrounded by Copenhagen and some call it the city within ‎the city. It is one the of the most densely populated cities in Denmark so eating ‎out plays a big part of the people’s lives. I was born and raised in Frederiksberg. ‎One of Frederiksberg’s the best kept secrets, one they managed to keep a secret ‎for 15 years now, is a restaurant and a bar called Salon 39.‎

After some tough years with corona closures and now inflation Camilla Hjulsager Hjort, the owner ‎for 4,5 years, has brought new powers to the kitchen at Salon 39. She recently hired a young chef by ‎the name of Johann Schnedler Karlsson, who is also a close friend of mine, and he is bringing new ‎life to the menu. For many years the drinks have been in focus however with Johann at the helm in ‎the kitchen he is bringing the food up to level. The menu is mainly inspired by French bistro using ‎local and seasonal ingredients. There are some classics such as moules marinières or steak frites that ‎stays on the menu otherwise it changes once a month. ‎

Camilla focuses a lot on the ambiance and the interior. The interior is French bistro inspired and the ‎restaurant is semi split-level, where you can either be cozy in the bar or venture up a few steps to the ‎dining area. This design makes you feel very welcomed and a place you want to spend your entire ‎evening.‎

Tihomir Vachkov, the Bar Manager, and Johann works closely together to make sure that the ‎seasonal cocktails and the menu matches each other. Like the food the cocktail menu changes with ‎the season however they do have some signature cocktails such as the “Den Danske Tyv”, which ‎means the Danish thief, and are based among other things on Radius Vodka, Red Basil and Pink ‎Peppercorns. ‎

Furthermore, on the opposite corner of the street they also have a vine bar where you can enjoy a ‎glass or a bottle of wine, snacks and smaller dishes can be paired if desired.‎

So, whether you are looking for drinks, a place to dine or both Salon 39 is the place to go, meet and ‎‎“hygge” with the locals.‎

For further information, menus or to reserve a table please use the link below:

Magnus is a candidate for the 2023 Les Clefs d’Or Award. This article has been published in its original form.

Meet the Author
Magnus Berg Simonsen

I originally started at Copenhagen Business School however after a year of studying I did not feel ‎like it was the right thing for me. A high school friend of mine, Pierre Houdet, believed that the ‎hospitality industry would suit me perfectly and recommended me that road in life. He later earned ‎his keys however sadly passed away.‎ I started at the Copenhagen Hospitality College and interned at Hilton. After almost 4 years I ‎transferred with Hilton to London to become Duty Manager. After a year I moved to work for ‎Hotel Cafe Royal and was convinced that one day I would become a Hotel Director. But after ‎working closely with Karim Bernichi, the Head Concierge at the Hotel Cafe Royal, and meeting ‎Uffe Sørensen, Head Concierge at Nimb and the President of Les Clefs d’Or in Denmark, I ‎decided to change path and move back home to Copenhagen.‎ I have been working at the Nimb Hotel for over 3 years now and currently holds the position as ‎Assistant Head Concierge. The fact that no two days are alike, all the interesting people you get to ‎meet and assist them in having personalised and memorable experiences is key for me.

Nimb Hotel

Nimb Hotel is a 5-star Luxury and boutique hotel with only 38 rooms. It is located in magical Tivoli ‎Gardens which turns 180 years old this year and was Walt Disney’s inspiration for Disneyland.‎ All rooms except for one face Tivoli Gardens and will either have a big terrace or your own personal ‎fireplace. The rooms and suites are decorated in a contemporary style where simple Nordic design ‎meets antiques from the Far East.‎ Our guests have 4 restaurants and 2 bars to choose from and have a private entrance directly from ‎the hotel to Tivoli Gardens. During the summer we have a roof top pool and bar which on certain ‎days will have live music to entertain our guests.‎ We focus on bespoke luxury and given we only have 38 rooms we get to be very personal with our ‎guests without compromising the service. ‎ For more information please have a look at our website and if you wish to reserve it ‎can be done directly on www.nimb.dk/en/hotel or by contacting us directly on this ‎email: Hotel@nimb.dk


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