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Les Clefs D'Or

Your Key To Athens Greece – 2024 Les Clefs d’Or Award Nominee

Beyond the Acropolis: Unveiling Hidden Gems along the Athenian Riviera

When one thinks of Athens, the mind often conjures images of the Parthenon standing proudly on the Acropolis. A short drive from Athens’ center is “My Athens” where I feel like I have stumbled on paradise found. Nestled along the stunning Athenian Riviera lies a tapestry of experiences waiting to be unraveled, offering me a unique and unforgettable journey.

Chapter 1: Hike Up!
Named after the wild sage (“faskomilo” in Greek) sparsely scattered across its gently-sloping sides, Faskomilia Hill – surrounded by acacias, pine and olive trees – rises up above the coastal highway. Faskomilia attracts hikers who traverse a labyrinth of paths to be rewarded with awe-inspiring vistas of Vouliagmeni Bay. Saronic Gulf is stretching out into the distance – I let it be my guide and wander freely over the hillside!

Chapter 2: Serenity…
Driving my way out of the bustling center, Lake Vouliagmeni offers me a serene retreat surrounded by nature: a geological phenomenon of unknown depths, healing spring waters and lush vegetation. The thermal springs contribute to the lake’s warm waters, creating a natural spa experience all year round. What I cherish the most in this idyllic setting, is the blend of the therapeutic benefits of the lake with the tranquility of Athenian Riviera.

Chapter 3: Blood Orange Colors…
While the Acropolis steals the limelight, a ride along the coast brings me to Cape Sounion where history meets breathtaking beauty. The Temple of Poseidon, perched atop a cliff, provides an enchanting backdrop for witnessing the sun dip below the Aegean Sea. Its tranquil atmosphere creates a magical moment that beckons anyone seeking an indigenous experience. Time is almost 19:30 and I am at the ideal vantage point for capturing the mesmerizing sunset!

Chapter 4: I’m Hungry!
I could not think of a better way to indulge in the quintessential Greek atmosphere than savoring a meal at a traditional “psarotaverna” (seafood tavern) with the sea gently lapping my feet and a table overflowing with meze. I love strolling along the promenade by Kavouri’s beaches before settling on one of the waterfront restaurants for freshly-caught fish, sourced from the Aegean. When I am asked of local seafood, my mind inevitably brings images of this precise location.

Chapter 5: “Common Secret”
“August the 92” or whatever the number may be is our typical Greek joke when it comes to prolonging the summer! Vouliagmeni’s relatively warm sea temperatures, even during the cooler months, make it home to year-round local swimmers. A vibrant Vouliagmeni-based open-water swimming community organizes sessions from October to May – everyone is invited to join in the fun!

All in all, while Athens may be synonymous with its ancient wonders, the Athenian Riviera unveils a different facet of this remarkable city. Beyond the iconic landmarks, my chapters aim to inspire wanderlust, inviting everyone to delve into the lesser-explored wonders along the Athenian Riviera, promising an experience that transcends the ordinary and leaves an indelible mark of Greece.


Nasos Stathogiannopoulos is a candidate for the 2024 Les Clefs d’Or Award. This article has been published in its original form.

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Nasos Stathogiannopoulos

Since I was an 8 year old boy and the son of a true hotelier, I used to spend my afternoons in the Crystal Lounge of Athens Ledra Marriott (Europe’s second Marriott Hotel that opened at the time) where I admired the elegant ambiance, the well dressed guests and the friendly personnel. I didn’t become a hotel person; I was born in it. With a career spanning prestigious establishments, I bring five years of expertise at the Concierge of Four Seasons Astir Palace Hotel Athens , earning my membership to Les Clefs d’Or in 2022 . My journey commenced as a Butler at the Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens, where I honed an acute sense of personalized service, catering to the discerning needs of guests. Transitioning within Starwood Hotels & Resorts in Costa Navarino and Santa Marina as a Head Butler I enriched my skills and exposed myself to high end service and guest satisfaction. As Assistant Chief Concierge at Four Seasons , I have demonstrated adept management skills, overseeing a dedicated team to deliver unparalleled service. Driven by a passion for hospitality, my journey reflects a fusion of refined guest relations and effective management, positioning me as a seasoned professional dedicated to excellence.

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