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Les Clefs D'Or

Your Key To Berlin on a Bicycle

A trip to Berlin is not a journey - It's a sensation! With a mere 800 years of history, Berlin is a relatively young metropolis by European standards, but it has accumulated a library full of stories.  Consistently reinventing itself, Berlin is a place that never stands still.  Immerse yourself in its hustle and bustle and you will discover a city that has evolved from one of political turmoil and divisiveness into one that stands for freedom and diversity today.

Located in the western city center, Hotel Bristol Berlin is the perfect starting point for your bicycle tour.  Thanks to the generally flat and well developed network of bike lanes, Berlin is easy to explore and find your way around.  So get on your bike and discover this city’s eventful past and exciting present!

Starting from the main boulevard Kurfürstendamm where the stage is set for world renown fashion brands, you will find buildings in various architectural styles, a collection of luxury boutiques and a wide selection of restaurants catering all sartorial and culinary tastes.  Be sure to check out the narrow side streets for some little hidden gems.  Once you reach the end of the boulevard, you will find yourself tracing the west-east axis through the large Tiergarten Park, Berlin’s green lungs.  Take a deep breath of the refreshing natural air before following the winding trails, re-enter the city through the Brandenburg Gate and dive into the buzz of the eastern center.

What is unique to Berlin as compared to other cities in the world?  The Wall that divided the Eastern and Western Bloc just merely three decades ago is now the focal point for every visitor to Berlin.  Retrace the remnants of the wall along its former course from the Brandenburg Gate via Potsdamer Platz to Checkpoint Charlie.  Make a stop here and observe the commotion around you!  In the past, there used to be tough military controls and no-one but the Western Allies were permitted to cross the checkpoint; however, today streams of cars and people flow easily through the streets at any time of the day or night. This is just one of Berlin’s many landmarks of sorrow and joy.

Continue the bike tour and turn south to the multicultural district of Kreuzberg with its Turkish barbers, middle eastern green grocers and take a break with an Asian snack.  Not before long, you will reach the longest and still standing section of the Wall – the East Side Gallery featuring two kilometers of concrete wall providing a canvas for graffiti and street art.  Complete your tour with a cool drink at the Holzmarkt located in a trendy and creative urban development where hipsters, avant-gardists, business people, and tourists meet in a melting pot of Berlin’s vibrant population.  Hopefully, at the end of your tour you will understand why John F Kennedy said, “Ich bin ein Berliner” – You too will fall in love with Berlin!

Berlin – not just a city but a whole different way of life.  Come and experience it for yourself!

Meet the Author
Marc Schnabel

Born into a family of hoteliers, I was destined to be in the hospitality business. Helping out at my father’s hotel from an early age, I learned firsthand the passion involved in hosting guests on a day-to-day basis. In 2005, I came to Berlin to hone my hospitality skills and during my training, I soon came to the realization that being a Concierge would be the ideal occupation for me. What attracted me most to this position is the fact that a Concierge holds the Key to his city: he is the host, the local expert and the man directing the guests to that special something which they otherwise would never come across on their own. The certainty that each day will not be the same as the next and that there will always be new challenges to meet, that is what makes this job so appealing to me. I became a Les Clefs d´Or Member in 2012 and have participated in several national and international Congresses. I am extremely proud to be a part of this exclusive community of professionals who are dedicated to the active advancement of the organization’s goals thus ensuring our ongoing success.

Hotel Bristol Berlin

Hotel Bristol Berlin enjoys a perfect location in Berlin's City West, along on the famous boulevard Kurfuerstendamm where numerous attractions, delightful restaurants, boutiques and theaters are easily accessible by public transportation or just a short walk away. Luxury and elegance can be found all over Berlin, but at Hotel Bristol Berlin, the 246 rooms and 55 suites reveal a very special touch in both design and quality. Choose between three categories of rooms and seven categories of suites. All rooms and suites are air conditioned, equipped with flat screen TVs and free Wi-Fi. At Hotel Bristol Berlin, you will be amazed by our stylish bar, exquisite restaurants, pool area and well-designed meeting rooms. You can enjoy creative international and regional cuisines that are modern and traditional at the same time in our restaurants, brasserie or bar. The cozy atmosphere of the elegant Bristol Café is the perfect meeting place for hotel guests and locals. End your day with some excellent drinks and cocktails at the Bristol Bar. To enhance the pleasure of your stay, we offer a variety of services ranging from a private car and driver, personal shopping tour, to individualize advice from the concierges. • 246 Rooms and 55 Suites • 2 Restaurants, 1 Café and 1 Bar • 10 Meeting rooms for up to 500 People


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