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Dear Friends and Colleagues.


It is indeed my pleasure, as one of my first duties as the newly elected President, to welcome you to the website of the Union International des Concierges d’hôtel. As many of you will know, it was my honour to take on the role of President, of this fine organisation, after our recent international congress in Berlin. I would like to take this opportunity to thank our outgoing President, Mr Colin Toomey for the fine work he has done during his mandate and congratulate him on a job well done. Many of the initiatives that we will see mature under my mandate will have been started during his term in office.

I am sure that those that were lucky enough to be able to attend, will join me in congratulating Thomas Munko and his team for the fantastic job they did in hosting and organising our 64th International Congress in Berlin. This is an eminence and daunting task; playing host to 650 concierge and partners from around the globe. At the same time it is a very rewarding accomplishment that few have had the pleasure to do.

As we enter the 65th year since our organisation came in existence, we must be mindful that we honour the many people that came before us, ensuring that we have reached this grand old age in such amazing condition. We must also look forward. To do all we can to ensure that we can to endure and survive another 65 years in such a positive place. The simple solution is this. We make sure that, as much as possible, our statutes are adhered to as rigorously as possible and that we plan for the future so we are able to adapt to the fast changing world we live in. Most of all our membership is key. We must listen and understand what their expectations are and we must do our utmost to reach those.

What we do now we do for our future!

Yours in friendship,
International President "Les Clefs d’Or"

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