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Your Key To The Beauty and the Magic of Tunisia

Welcome to Tunisia, my country in North Africa!

Just a brief two hours flight from Europe, you can embark on your journey with a visit to the historical city of Carthage.  Built in 814 BC by Elyssa Dido, Cathage was once a tremendous military and trading empire that covered much of the Mediterranean.  However, Carthage was destroyed by the Romans in 146 BC after the extended Punic wars.  On your visit to Carthage, you will see much of the remains from several cultures that had succeeded one another as well as the vestiges of wars: Punic, Roman Vandal and Arab.

A short distance from Carthage, you will find the very special white and blue village of Sidi Bou Said.  Located approximately 18 km from Tunis, the capital of Tunisia, Sidi Bou Said sits on the top of a hill overlooking the turquoise sea – reminiscent of Santorini in Greece.

When you arrive in Tunis, you must visit the internationally renowned Bardo Museum, which has garnered the reputation of having the richest, most varied and most refined collection of mosaics in the world.

Proceeding southward, you will discover the town of Hammamet with its lovely beaches and resort hotels as well as the historical city of Sousse which is approximately 100 km further southeast.

Should you get the opportunity to visit Djerba in southern Tunisia, you will find a magical Island forming a piece of the Mediterranean heaven.  Along side its natural beauty, Djerba houses several cultural museums.  One of the highlights is the Lella Hadria Museum which showcases a wonderful collection of traditional artifacts and craftsmanship.  You must also visit the oldest Synagogue in Africa, the El Ghriba, which is an amazing example of Moorish architecture with its richly decorated interior.

Meet the Author
Imed Helmi Ziedi

My name is Imed Helmi Ziedi. I was born in Tunis on January 27, 1969. I graduated with a Baccalaureate Degree in 1990 and obtained a Senior Technician's Certificate in 1996. Upon graduation, I started my employment with Hotel The Residence Tunis as the Front Office Supervisor. In 2013, I became the Concierge of the same Hotel. I became a Member of Les Clefs d'Or Maroc in February 2018 and I attended my first International Les Clefs d'Or Congress in Cannes this March 2019.

Hôtel The Residence Tunis

Along the glistening shores of the azure Mediterranean, where ancient Carthage once ruled, The Residence Tunis combines sensual elegance inspired by Tunisia’s Arab-Andalusian heritage with the refined hospitality. Step into a haven of sophistication set along an unspoilt stretch of beach, where relaxation reigns in a luxurious thalasso spa exclusively curated by ESPA, and a stunning 18-hole golf course designed by Robert Trent Jones II irresistibly beckons. Discover the delights of Tunisia from quiet spa relaxation to active golfing to gourmet dining; here every moment of your luxury vacation is fulfilled without ever having to leave the resort.


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