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Your Key To A Relaxing Stroll to the Imperial Palace in Tokyo

I will introduce the Imperial Palace which is in walking - distance from the hotel. The Edo Castle (Imperial Palace) has prevailed under the clan of General Tokugawa for 265 years, developing a matured culture that is both brilliant and luxurious. Even now, the colorful atmosphere remains in the heart of Tokyo. As the modernization of society progressed, Emperor Meiji was welcomed from Kyoto. Then, the Edo Castle became known as The Imperial Palace and Tokyo became the new capital of Japan. 

The Crown Prince succeeded the throne as the Emperor, and the new Era called Reiwa, was born with Emperor Reiwa’s succession. Did you know that the Japanese Imperial Family is the world’s oldest Royal Family?  After the transfer of the capital city from Kyoto to Tokyo in the latter half of the 19th century; The Imperial Palace in the center of Japan, the residence of His Majesty the Emperor and the Empress, became the center of diplomatic activities of Japanese politics in the international community. It was also home to various state guests and carries an important role in holding formal events. A group tour is available to the public and you can enter the Imperial Palace twice a day. Furthermore, The Imperial East Garden has been preserved as a typical Japanese garden and here you can admire all the flora and fauna.

Now I will show around the imperial Palace while jogging.

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu is located in the center of commerce of Tokyo among the three divisions of the Prime Minister’s Official Residence, the small, yet beautiful Hie Shrine which was a local deity of the Edo Shogunate and the Diet building which is the symbol of the country’s legislature.

Now we will leave the hotel and see the moat, which was once the castle wall of the Edo-jo Castle fortress surrounding the Imperial Palace, as I pass through the park by the front gate of the Diet building.  It is about a 25 minutes walk from our hotel to the first Sakurada gate. Once we go through the Sakurada Gate, where the grass and pine trees are spread throughout the grounds you will see the beautiful Niju Bridge leading to the front gate of The Imperial Palace to the left.

After about 2km the uphill slope begins to reach an incline of 30m. Kitanomaru Park, which houses the National Museum of Modern Art and Budokan, spreads out with The Imperial Palace on the left.

After passing through the narrow “Daikancho” street lined with ginkgo trees on either side, you can see Chidorigafuchi Park where there are boats on the water and beautiful cherry blossoms in full bloom. This spot has been highly praised as the No.1 photogenic spot in Tokyo. Once you pass through the park the sidewalk along the moat on the left side reconnects and you can continue admiring the superb view as the path slopes downward slightly. Once you can see the National Theatre on the right, you have made it back to the starting point, Sakurada gate.

On this route, you can admire the oasis of lush green trees, flowers and waterfowls each season. The Edo Castle is a truly nostalgic place held in the hearts of many Japanese people and they can view it right in the heart of the city amongst all the busiest skyscrapers and offices. Of course, there are many shops and restaurants located around the palace. There to satisfy both your hunger and desires. It is a highly recommended route to enjoy either a 40-minute jog or an hour long walk.

The Imperial Palace is one of the hotel’s beloved neighbors, a wonderful place in Tokyo, the heart of Japan.

Meet the Author
Etsuko Higashide

After I graduated from University, I joined the hotel industry. In 1990 after my 2 year contact with U.I.C.H. Les Clefs d’Or, I called for 42 hotels in Japan to have a meeting about the Concierge Profession for the first time and started to introduce Les Clefs d’Or to participants at annual meetings which I organized. Les Clefs d’Or members and activities have always inspired me so much. I have had many roles on the International Stage like my first congress in Morocco in 1991, hold my membership in 1992, Country President between 2009 and 2011, a member of the special project “Lady Concierge” in 2012 London Congress, Assistant for Andy Pongco Award Committee in 2012 and 2013, all of these activities with other members have been a very important part of my life that fill me with pride and is also one of my measurements for becoming a superior concierge. I am always very happy to meet and act together with members who have the same passion as me following our Motto of “Service through Friendship”. The Concierge Profession is such a wonderful world. Let’s enjoy working and sharing the same experiences together.

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu

The Capitol Hotel Tokyu sits in the heart of Tokyo, offering neon-lit dining streets, the Imperial Palace and the upmarket shops of Ginza all within walking distance. The hotel’s tranquil Japanese-style interiors are set within a towering skyscraper, so that almost every one of its 251 rooms (which includes 14 suite rooms) offer guests far-reaching views over Tokyo’s skyline, all the way to Mt Fuji. A select few garden-facing rooms offer a spot of greenery in the ever-bustling capital. Situated directly next door to Hie Shrine — one of Tokyo’s most important religious buildings — the hotel offers guests the unique opportunity of experiencing Shinto traditions up close. In the other direction lies Japan’s National Diet building and views over the high-rise filled metropolis, with the exhilarating nightlife of Roppongi and Akasaka just a stone’s throw away. A regular haunt of VIP visitors, politicians and famous faces, The Capitol Hotel Tokyu offers guests a discreet space in which to relax.


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