Les Clefs D'Or
Les Clefs D'Or
Les Clefs D'Or
Les Clefs D'Or

Dear Friends,

It is an honor for Mexico, Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama assit you any time at any place.

About our history, 1997 was a year of great significance for the Concierges from the Land of the Glorious Aztecs. Thanks to the tremendous support of Marjorie Silverman and the enthusiasm of Concierges from various hotels in Mexico City, our country was drafted as the 31st chapter of the prestigious UICHCO during its international congress held in Rome.

With its sincere desire to propagate and uphold the true value of the “Concierge” profession, the “Asociación de Concierges de México A.C.”, through its officers, has relentlessly worked to invite Concierges from all over the country and beyond its borders. Currently blessed with 96 members from eight regions, namely: Valle de México, Triangulo del Sol, Corazón de México, Baja California, Pacífico, Sureste, El Dorado and Centroamérica.

Mexico and its partners offer a gamut of experiences that can only be described as much more than memorable. Deep-rooted pre-hispanic traditions and colonial heritage give a unique touch to the modern and contemporary manifestations of Mexican culture, turning the world’s eyes into its varied gastronomical offerings, architecture, arts and artcrafts, music and all, while enjoying the country’s tropical destinations and the hair-raising adventures it offers. Colombia proudly glitters, beckoning its visitors to marvel at its distinctive beauty, while Panama and Costa Rica play host to exclusive shopping centers and paradise resorts.

Please let us hug your visit with glamourous and sophisticated services.

“En servicio a través de la amistad”

Gustavo López Aguado Montes

President Les Clefs d’Or México

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Section President

Gustavo López Aguado Montes
President / Chef Concierge
Hotel Matilda San Miguel de Allende

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Aldama No 53 Col Centro
San Miguel de Allende Gto
Phone : +52 415 152 1015


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