Les Clefs d'Or®

How the Association Is Organised:


Les Clefs d’Or® is a not-for-profit Association made up of professional hotel Concierge. The Concierge members of this Association are principally dedicated to the promotion and facilitation of travel and tourism. Les Clefs d’Or® members are continuously seeking out innovations and advancements in the travel and tourism industry – focusing particularly on the area of hotel Concierge services, while always respecting the history and traditions of the hotel Concierge profession.

Each of the active members of Les Clefs d’Or® is currently employed in the lobby of a hotel in good standing. All leaders of the Association are elected from among the general active membership.




International Executive Committee


Les Clefs d’Or® International is led by an elected Executive team consisting of 9 experienced hotel lobby Concierge, who are each currently employed in hotels.

Members of the Executive travel regularly, visiting with national Les Clefs d’Or® Zones and Sections to teach and encourage members.

The Executive continually engages with representatives from the travel and tourism industries. The Executive also maintains partner relationships with luxury and renowned brands drawn from a cross section of industries including retail, transportation, entertainment, credit card providers, international news publishing and many more.





Les Clefs d’Or® International is divided into seven geographic areas called ‘Zones’. Each of these Zones is presided over by a Zone Director. The Zone Directors encourage the effective communication between Sections and the Executive and ensure that national member Sections are run in accordance with the statutes of the Association.

Like the Executive Committee, the Zone Directors also travel frequently and continuously encourage the promotion of travel and tourism as well as the ideals and culture of Les Clefs d’Or®. Zone Directors will work to strengthen existing Les Clefs d’Or® Sections and also to encourage the establishment of new Les Clefs d’Or® member Sections in countries within their respective Zones.



Board of Directors


The National Presidents of the Les Clefs d’Or® member sections together with the Zone Directors form a Board of Directors. Each of the individuals on the board must comply with Concierge membership requirements under Section IV of the International Statutes. The board meets annually to consider the business and administration of Les Clefs d’Or® under the guidance of the Executive Committee. The Board will consider and vote on resolutions and also hold bi-annual elections for its officers (The Executive Committee).



General Assembly


Individual delegates from National Sections who travel to the Association’s annual International Congress form a General Assembly of members. The General Assembly will receive the reports from the Executive Committee of Les Clefs d’Or®. The General Assembly will also often be called on to witness and ratify decisions and elections made by the Board of Directors (the decisions and elections of the Board of Directors are ratified as a symbolic indication that the General Membership support the decisions of the Association leadership).  The General Assembly will participate in educational workshops and lectures intended to advance the hotel Concierge profession.



National Sections


A network of Hotel Concierge in a country who individually and collectively meet the prerequisites of membership found in the Les Clefs d’Or® International Statutes (in particular Article IV), may collectively form a national section of Les Clefs d’Or®. Individual Concierge members of a national section earn the right to use the term: ‘Concierge Clefs d’Or’. Like the international association the national sections are dedicated to fostering “the development of the hotel industry and tourism in general through networking with other travel professionals in support of international travel.” By being ‘In Service Through Friendship’, these national sections provide Concierge members with a practical and useful network of colleagues who can assist to provide hotel and resort guests with the ultimate in guest service experiences.




Paris Head Office

Les Clefs d’Or® International
12 rue Cambon
75001 PARIS, France

Ph: +33 1 42 60 77 57

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