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Membership Committee


The creation of Membership Commission was approved during our 63rd Congress – Dubai 2016.

The Executive Committee has hired its Members, based on volunteering. It is composed of 4 Members plus one Member from the Executive Committee. This first year will be a trial period for this commission. It will report on its works at our next congress in Berlin.

Siana Iong – President, Les Clefs d’Or Macau
Peter McBrearty –  President, Les Clefs d’Or Australia
Brian MacKenzie – President, De Gouden Sleutels (Holland)
Robert Marks – President, Les Clefs d’Or USA
Roderick Levéjac, Member of the Executive Committee (France)

Then, Members of this commission should change as follows. After two years, two will step down and be replaced. Two will stay for another mandate ensuring continuity of the mission, and will step down to allow two new Members to participate.

After the trial period, the Commission will be under the 1st Vice-president supervision.

Members of the Membership Commission, ending their mandate as section’s Presidents during their mandate on the Commission, will remain on the Membership Commission until the end of the current two years mandate of this Commission.

The sections that Members of the Membership Commission belong to, need to be administrated in a faultless way.

The aim of this Commission is to:

  • Create clear guidelines regarding all sorts of Membership
  • Assist all sections regarding Membership
  • Address specific cases related to Membership

This first year will start with a certain number of goals which are:

Creating Guidelines for

  • How to become a Member Section of UICH “Les Clefs d’Or
  • How to transfer Members between two sections
  • How to, who and why, nominate to Honorary Diplomas
  • New Directors of UICH “Les Clefs d’Or”

Address specific case such as

  • Swedish section
  • Chinese section
  • Cruise Concierges

A never ending subject that needs to be addressed once for all. By the way, it appears that one of the participants to the Dubai Congress, a former Member of Les Clefs d’Or Great Britain, would now be under Austria and Concierge on The World: Dawn Pender.

Find out about existing sub sections of our Member Sections.

Article IV – Membership
Section 4 – Qualifications of National Sections

Paragraph a – Any section wanting to become independent has to be an adherent of a national section of Les Clefs d’Or before they qualify for independent membership.

Some of our Member Sections do count sub-sections growing under their supervision. It is most important to identify them and to make the difference between individuals (from neighbour countries) Members of a UICH Member Section, and Members grouped in a local association and Members of a UICH Member Section.

Obtain a copy of the Membership Form in use for each existing Member Section

A dedicated email address has been created for this Commission: membership@lesclefsdor.org, that will be redirected to each of the Commission Members email address. A conference call will be organized every three months (GotoMeeting) in order to share our reflexions and works.

Any question raised by the Membership Commission will be answered in a timely manner according to

Article IV – Membership
Section 6 – Duties of Membership
National Sections must observe the following obligations:
Paragraph b: To reply as promptly as possible to letters and inquiries from UICH organisations.

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